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Hustler Announces 29 Rockit and 25 Talon with Outboards in Production

image-1Calverton, NY- Global Marine Power, Inc. is pleased to announce that the 29 Rockit and the 25 Talon with Outboards is now in production in the Hustler Powerboats factory located in Calverton, NY.

“We have been busy over the past two months,” said Paul LoGiudice, VP of Marketing and Sales for Hustler Powerboats. “We would like to offer the opportunity for customers to get into our boats by offering our current best selling model along with a boat built for speed that does not beat up your wallet.”

Both the 25 Talon and 29 Rockit are available for customers to pick the paint, colors, options and motor package. The 25 Talon price starts at $120,575 Retail while the 29 Rockit starts at $166,610 Retail. Please call the Hustler Powerboats factory for more information or questions about the current offer or visit the Hustler Inventory/Pre-owned Page.

About Hustler Powerboats

Hustler Powerboats, a division of Global Marine Power, Inc. manufactures 15 boats in both catamaran and v-hull designs, ranging from 21 feet to 50 feet in length. More information can be found by calling the office at 631-208-2933 or visiting the website at http://www.hustlerpowerboats.com. Follow Hustler Powerboats on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/HustlerSpeedboats, and on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/HustlerPowBoats

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