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25 C3 Speedfish_outboardsCALVERTON, NY- Hustler Powerboats announces today that outboard motors are now offered as a motor option for the 25 Talon and 25 C3 Speedfish.

At one time under Talon Marine, the 25 Talon and C3 Speedfish (better known as the Talon Carrier) were manufactured with outboard motors. When Hustler Powerboats purchased the molds from Talon Marine, the two Talons were then manufactured with the focus mostly on the stern drive application.

“We are recently seeing a demand for the Talon(s) to be offered with outboard motors,” said Paul LoGiudice, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Global Marine Power, the parent company of Checkmate Marine and Hustler Powerboats. “By offering these boats with outboards, it will allow us to target the customer who is looking to get the speed without sacrificing the warranty on the motors and drive.”

The 25 Talon and C3 Speedfish are offered in both sterndrive and outboard configurations. Custom engine configurations are available on request. Call the Hustler Factory at 631-208-2933 today to learn more about what the 25 Talon and 25 C3 Speedfish can offer you.

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