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25 Talon With Twin Outboards Out On Water Test

Hustler Powerboats Owner, Joe LoGiudice, is behind the wheel! He is taking a customer out for a water test on the 25 Talon with Twin Mercury Racing Optimax 300 XS’s. Watch the video yourself to see how well this boat runs!

Congratulations to Dean Anderson of Columbus, Ohio on his purchase of a 25 Talon

After owning the Checkmate 2400 Pulsare, Dean decided to upgrade his boat to a Hustler 25 Talon. Picking it up this past Friday, the boat is nicely equipped with a Single Mercury Racing 565, Custom Paint, Vessel View 7, Bluetooth Radio system, and a Boat Command system. Congratulations Dean, we wish you luck with your new purchase and welcome to the Hustler Family!Joe_Dean

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